Free legal research sites are a great supplementary legal research tool. Naturally, they do not have the capabilities of professional, paid-service sites such as Westlaw or Lexis/Nexis, but they can be very helpful for their limited purposes.

Another drawback is that by its very nature, free legal research as well as free legal advice must be very general. Any research or advice specifically tailored to your personal problem could create potential legal malpractice liability or unauthorized practice of law issues for the person or entity providing it.

These kind of tools are great for finding access to general legal forms on a huge number of topics. For that purpose, we recommend the Internet Legal Research Group. For access to statutes and case law at the federal and state level (including every statute of every state of the union) see‘s “jurisdictions” page.

On this page you will find only reliable legal research sites with the most useful resources. They are well worth your time if you know how to use them. To make that easier, we are grouping them in the most common sense way possible.

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