Expert Legal Research, from a highly skilled, experienced JN, is the only type of outsourced legal research worth considering.

There is no question about that – except for this one:

Where do you get it – and how much will it cost?

If you take the “expert” out of legal research, the answer to the first part of this question is – virtually everywhere.

In that case, the answer to the second part is just as easy: Probably not very much. At least … not in dollar terms, that is.

But, it may cost you a whole lot in every other aspect. It may cost you your case; it may cost you your client – and it may cost you your well-earned reputation. And that, quite frankly, is extremely expensive. In fact, it is the ultimate price any attorney or law firm could pay.

You should never have to pay that much!

Yet, this is not a set-up for the coup de grace of hitting your firm with an exorbitant legal advice fee – just to give you the level of expert legal research and writing that your client needs and deserves.

It is only to demonstrate that you should never have to settle for less when it comes to quality.

And that is especially true at Expert Legal Research, because …

Legal research can come at a very reasonable price.

In fact, it does, and it does so right here. Expert Legal is the place.

Jeffrey Norris has over ten years of in-depth experience in performing in-depth, exhaustive legal research in civil litigation matters. He has practiced law for twelve years. Of those, he spent nine as a solo civil litigator and two as an associate in a mid-sized personal injury litigation firm.

Jeffrey does not currently practice law and is not licensed in any state – but he has never stopped researching and briefing highly complex and contentious legal issues.

His uncanny knack for detecting winning legal research angles and arguments in almost any fact situation is outdone only by his ability to smell a loser case – from miles away.

Jeffrey can think outside the box whenever needed – but his approach to expert legal research solutions is never ‘out there.’


He has the rare ability to present complex legal issues in a rock-bottom way that anyone can understand. Make no mistake: Judges are sophisticated jurists who can appreciate even complex legal arguments – but they are busy.

Very busy.

If you can save a judge time without losing substance, if you can present an argument in a clear, direct, and even simple manner, he will appreciate it more than anyone else – because you are making his job easier for him.


Simplicity is key – and simplicity is what any good legal argument should boil down to, in the end.

Simplicity will win the day, as long as it is on-point and demonstrates the gravamen of any legal issue in a clear and concise way.

That’s what Expert Legal specializes in. It is our trademark, if you will.

Here is one example of the types of novel – but straightforward and practical – legal arguments has Expert Legal uncovered.

  • For example, The Supreme Court of Texas has abolished assumption of the risk as a complete defense in anything other than strict liability cases by instituting a pure comparative causation scheme.
  • But assumption of the risk has been ruled to negate producing cause in ‘failure to warn’ or marketing defect products cases.
  • Producing cause is in essence the same as “but for” cause, also known as “causation in fact”, and that is an essential element of proximate cause.
  • Consequently, assumption of the risk, if proven, can be used as a backdoor-way to act as a complete bar to recovery even in negligence based product liability cases – because it destroys proximate cause, an element of every negligence cause of action.


With Expert Legal, you do not need to worry about spending your client’s money on rambling motions that leave judges lost in a maze of legal rabbit-trails. Just drop us a line to; write your case details and our professional team will get back to you with the best solution. Prices starting from $9 only and many great discounts available to get you started. Frequent conferences with Jeffrey during any research project will leave in complete control. These conferences are not billed.

Discover how Jeffrey can help you complete that legal brief, memorandum, or motion that’s been sitting on your desk well within the time frame you need.