Before you contact us Expert Legal, please consider answering the following questionnaire. It will help us give you the most accurate fee estimate possible.

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Pre-Estimate Questionnaire:

Please briefly summarize the nature of the case. (Label parties as “A”, “B”, etc., or acronym if business enterprise to ensure confidentiality)Which side (party) does your firm represent?

Trial setting.

How many parties on each side?

Total pages of deposition testimony.

How many depositions?

(If you need a motion for summary judgment): How many pages of depositions do we need to read for this MSJ? Number of pages?

How many depositions are summarized? (May reduce total fee)

Do you need us to prepare any page-line deposition summaries? (Optional. Additional charges apply)

Are all depositions available in electronic form?

Are any discovery or other motions pending that could affect this MSJ project?

Court where case is pending

Any legal research already performed? Which issues?


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