He has the rare ability to present complex legal issues in a rock-bottom way that anyone can understand. Make no mistake: judges are sophisticated jurists who can appreciate even complex arguments - but they are busy. If you can save a judge time without losing substance, by applying facts in a clear and direct manner, he will appreciate it more than anyone else - because you are making his job easier for him.


Simplicity is key - and simplicity is what any good argument should boil down to, in the end.

It will win the day, as long as it is on-point and demonstrates the gravamen of any issue in a clear and concise way. That’s what ExpertLegalResearch specializes in. It is our trademark, if you will.

Here is one example of the types of novel - but practical - arguments has uncovered.

  • The Supreme Court of Texas has abolished assumption of the risk as a complete defense in anything other than strict liability cases by instituting a pure comparative causation scheme.
  • But assumption of the risk has been ruled to negate producing cause in ‘failure to warn’ or marketing defect products cases.
  • Producing cause is in essence the same as "but for" cause, also known as "causation in fact", and that is an essential element of proximate cause.
  • Consequently in Texas, assumption of the risk, if proven, can be used as a backdoor-way to act as a complete bar to recovery even in negligence based product liability cases - because it destroys proximate cause, an element of every negligence cause of action.

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