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Alex Kelley is the owner and founder of Expert Legal Research.He graduated from South Texas College of Law in 1990, and practiced law from 1991 to 2002, mostly as a solo practitioner in the civil litigation field.In 2002 he closed his law practice to start the acclaimed financial and economic subscription-based e-newsletter, the Euro vs. Dollar Monitor, which he continues to publish to this day. (You can read his articles and get an idea of how widely they are published by simply cutting and pasting his name into Google's search window). Alex' predictions of the direction gold and currency market movements are among the most accurate in the industry.

Not being content with that alone, though, he has re-entered the legal arena as a non-practicing legal research specialist in October 2005, only to discover that a gaping market-niche exists in the civil litigation field for a professional legal research expert specializing in researching and crafting highly effective motions for summary judgment.

Junior associate attorneys - the most likely candidates in many law firms to get stuck with drafting motions for summary judgment - don't think much of them. The going perception is that judges routinely deny them, and denials are not reviewable, anyway - so why try too hard?

This, perception, however, can do your clients a huge disservice. Our 'Secret':

While working as a paralegal, Alex discovered that in many cases even senior attorneys miss crucial points that present opportunities to have a case decided as a matter of law, rather than by a fact finder. A senior attorney, of course, has many cases of his own to hendle. In addition, he supervises a cadre of junior associates who often come fresh out of law school. They my have the grades, they may have the potential, but they lack the experience and savvy of an experienced legal expert. Crucial evidence hidden in documents produced during discovery, crucial but innocent sounding statements in deposition testimony, and crucial connections between those and the case law that governs each legal issue are routinely overlooked.

The front-line associates who are supposed to know their cases best often don't. Time pressures, an overwhelming case load, and billing guidelines that often really don't allow for drilling deep down into cases all combine to brand what often are quite interesting and winnable cases as so-called "dogs" or "orphans". Our secret at is that we never work on more than two cases at the same time.

In other words, our secret is FOCUS!

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